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Two questions about PE that I'm hoping someone can answer.

Two questions about PE that I'm hoping someone can answer.

1.) I know that this is probably a naive question, but which workout will give me the fastest results?

2.) I see a lot of posts that claim jelqing only improves erection quality and doesn’t really add size. Is this true? If so, what does add size?

1. That’s different for everyone. start wit the newbie routine.

2. do your jelqs.

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1) Depends

2) Depends

Honestly bsem, its going to boil down a lot of factors:

(a) Form
(b) Consistency
(c) Lifestyle/Health
(d) Genetic disposition

Virtually every PE exercise (barring the very bizarre ones - like using bee stings) has produced gains for some men. Some men have stuck with a lot of different exercises and get nothing. Some of that set may try something different and all of a sudden - gains. PE is not an exact science but there is a lot of information.

I think the most important factor of my list above is consistency. If one isn’t consistent, then how can progress be made?

Have you started the newbie routine?

Cum vinum intrat, exit sapientia

Yeah, I started, did two days, then have skipped two days (I didn’t intend to) and I will do it again today. But I’m already a bit discouraged. I will press on, though. I trust what you guys say, and if you say it should work, then I’ll believe you.

Only 2 days and you are discouraged?

Try 2 or 3 months of consistent work and then get back to us if you don’t see results.

I’ve been at this for over 13 years. It has taken a lot of experimentation and seemingly pointless frustration.

I’ve made some noticeable gains, enough to tell me that it can work.

I keep doing it for the mere fact that if I don’t do it I will be stuck with less, and I prefer more.

Don’t feel like you are stuck before you begin. There are literally tens of thousands of men who have invested countless hours and racked their brains to get results on this forum, and their efforts have been rewarded. This stuff has to work. There is just no way this many people would form this strong of a community around placebo effects and bogus claims. It just doesn’t make sense.

I’ve only been doing the linear routine for two days and I already notice a difference in EQ. The general consensus here is that when your EQ reaches it’s full potential, you start to make actual size gains. But you have to be consistent. Just make it a habit. Years of trial and error I think have cemented the newbie routines as the best place to start. Unfortunately there is no technique that can grant you huge mega dick overnight. It isn’t very hard to incorporate a routine into your day though. What is 10-20 extra minutes per day? Wake up a little earlier if you have to. You’re going to be using the same cock for the rest of your natural life. What is three months? It goes quick. Good Luck!

Fastest gains are with the Newbie Routine. This is where most get their fastest gains. It’s only when they hit a plateau that other methods are introduced. Newbie routine can be done forever if you really wanted to even if only for maintenance.

Set long term goals such as one year. Then see how you go. Slow and steady wins this race. Learn to measure correctly and take some pictures to track your progress and you might see a very noticeable difference a year from now.

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