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Two months no gains

Two months no gains

Cause for alarm or not necessarily?

I haven’t been using heat but I don’t think that’s the cause for me because I have pretty good blood flow. My hands are always warm and all that..

I think I may have started with too much too soon? Do I really need to do a full deconditioning break or will just adding a day or two extra of rest for awhile be enough?

My routine has been 10-20 minutes of stretching and dry jelqing. I started doing 2 days on, one day off after about one month. Too soon?

It is impossible to say if you are doing too much or not enough. Add heat and try to develope the best feeling you can with your penis, this will refine your technique. Technique is crucial. You should feel your penis become easier to stretch as you hold the pull, and when jelqing you should feel your penis growing, expecially a feeling on the side like when you are stretching your muscles.

Make sure when you jelq that you are forcing blood from the base of your penis towards the end. You will feel the pressure increase as you jelq from the base to the head. When you are stretching make sure all of your other pubic muscles are relaxed as well.

Definitely add heat, it helps a lot! I personally love stretching/jelqing in a hot shower.

Did you notice any positive or negative PI’s in the last two months? Harder erections, strong morning wood, discoloration at the tip of your penis, turtling? Are you ever sore after workouts or do you feel stretched out where your penis attaches to your body? Do your flaccids seem any longer?

Your routine sounds good, you should see growth from it definitely. Post any PI’s and maybe we can come up with some suggestions for you.

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I think I haven’t been giving enough rest because my EQ went down noticeably

I do get sore in inside of the upper part of the shaft

When I dry jelq I can put my finger on my glans and feel it pressurize as I move my hand up, so I think I’m doing that one right

Then get rest. :)

Once I start again would 10 - 15 minute sessions as little as twice a week be enough?

Yes, you’re still in the conditioning process.

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