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Two in one

Two in one

I’ve got two questions in my head that has nothing to do with each other, but I’ll take them in the same thread:

1: How the f*ck do you hang upwards? Gravity, someone?

And 2;

In some positions my Kegels feels stronger, and in some position it seems harder to tension the PC. Does it get more trained in some positions or is it just a feeling?

Question 1, is actually a very good question. The answer is over the shoulder, which means the weights go over the shoulder and then hang down your back which causes an upward force on your penis.

Now having said that, how long have you been PEing? If you have not passed 3 months, do not hang. You are not ready to hang. Less risk of hurting yourself that way.

Second question, its just a feeling, the muscle strength is the same in all positions.

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Originally Posted by Levler
1: How the f*ck do you hang upwards? Gravity, someone?

Sunny explained it nicely. You could also consider hanging over something which is higher than your upwards stretched cock, when it is uncomfortable to hang over your shoulder. For instance a door or a table(when sitting).

Okey, thanks.

I’ve PEed for about a week. I know I shouldn’t hang and I don’t. Just wanted the question answered. :)

On the kegel question, I notice the same thing. I try to sit in the position where I feel it the most.

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