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Two dark spots on my penis by foreskin

Two dark spots on my penis by foreskin

Hey I have 2 dark spots on my dick. They are small but when my dick gets erect they become slightly noticable.

I’ve searched around and I can’t find any pictures which looks like it.

Any help please? I read somewhere “dirt spots” but can’t find any pictures of dirt spots to solidfy my conclusion. :(

It’s called discoloration and it’s not uncommon for PE’ers.


It’s possible you have been putting too much effort/pressure into your routine. And you may have bruised it slightly.

Take things easy for a few days. and they should disappear.

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Yeah id say it’s a bruise unless they have been there for a while? I get them now and again when I’ve been a bit heavy handed.

Or you were bit by the infamous trouser snake!

Seriously though, they are probably harmless discolouration. Now, if they only just showed up, rest a few days as mentionned above and they should dissapear. If they have been there a while, monitor them and make sure that nothing changes with them and no more show up. If this happens, then you are being too tough on your dick.

Good luck.

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