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Twist It When Stretching

Twist It When Stretching

I’ve just started to lightly twist my dick a little when stretching. Probably just around 90 to 180 degrees. In the past just playing about I’ve twisted it 360 degrees before, it’s surprising how much you can twist it. I’ve seen some form of twisting involving PE in a tribal video. I didn’t get the idea from it. It happened organically in the fact I was just stretching and twisted it a little at which point I noticed the stretch was more intense and easier to hold.

I’m sure a few people would probably say this is not entirely a good idea for safety reasons. So use at your own risk, you have been warned.

You have reinvented the bundle stretch. What next, wheel? :D

And why is this thread in the newbie section?

Yeah it’s already known. :)

I’ve done it a few times, but I felt like it wasn’t good for all the veins and other stuff inside my penis. I guess it’s safe, but don’t go trying it on your balls at least!! haha

D’OH!! Anyways at least it’s already kind of successful, I figured it out by myself though!

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