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Tvein Experts what do you think

Tvein Experts what do you think

I have read the many threads about t veins.. I don’t understand if what I have would be considered one.. I am cut and under my head where the scar tissue is there is a bump.. On soft touch the bump feels like a large vein.. Kind of like a rubberband I guess.. But when I go to massage it I guess you can call it hard.. I mean I can feel it.. It’s a small vein but I don’t know if regular veins are just supposed to feel a little hard.. And when I say hard I don’t mean rock solid I mean that you can feel the vein is there.. Let me also add that I have had this there for as long as I can remember(at least 3 years).. No pain or anything.. Now if it is a t vein and I keep working out what will or can happen?. There are also no hard balls or anything just the vein itself feels a little hard.. Plus I cannot move it around like some people have said they can.. Any advice?

If you’ve had it for three years and it isn’t red, hot or painful, it isn’t thrombosed. It may get harder or larger with PE exercises, that’s to be expected. Otherwise, ignore it.

Can you take a look at the Forum Guidelines again? Running your sentences together with elipses (…) makes them difficult to read. A period and a space between sentences is all we ask. Thanks!

I’m with Westla on this one — I think a lot of PEing guys get too freaked out about the idea of thrombosed veins. I’ve spoken to a urologist about the issue, and he said that whatever the hell the “guitar strings” I felt in my dick were, they were nothing to worry about unless there was inflammation, pain, or reduced function. Even if, somehow, I had a persistent thrombosis that caused no symptoms beyond palpability, it would safely resolve itself over time through absorption and recanalization. Anyhow, I still have some apparent “hard veins” in my penis that seem to be exacerbated by PE, but they have never caused any problems whatsoever, so I don’t think they’re worth worrying about, whatever they might be (and I doubt they have anything to do with thrombosis).

Thanks for the advice. Sorry about the sentence structure westla.


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