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Turtling after Jelqing

Turtling after Jelqing

I am never ‘pumped’ after jelqing, about a minute after I’m finished my penis shrinks to the smallest possible. I’m only jelqing 8 minutes.

Am I gripping too much? Less time?

This is only the 3rd day, so maybe it’ll get used to it?


This is just an opinion.. But I too remember turtling after jelquing when I first started. I had been manually stretching for years before then however - with no knowledge of PE. I’m in the camp that feels it’s best to prevent turtling when healing post workout. I did (and still do) this by rolling and massaging to keep the tissue soft and expanded and to maintain circulation to facilitate healing. Again, just a theory. Others believe turtling is required for healing. Both camps seem to see gains so we’re either all correct or all full of shit. :)

Yeah all we know for sure about turtling is it is a response to stimulus. Personally I think the turtling response is probably a combiantion of the reflex to protect from ‘intense stimuli and the need to heal, and these two variables will vary depending on the situation. I think a few important principle to remember is that everyone is different from one another; some slightly so, others vastly.

You’re going to have to decide for yourself. If the turtling seems extreme and even bordering on unpleasant, then perhaps for you it is an indication that you have either been applying too much force or or for too long or both. To help you decide you should take note of how long your penis remains turtled after your routine. I would suggest that the longer it remains in a turtled state, the more likely it is that the routine you’ve been doing is too intense, and you should cut back, even if that means donig signifficantly less than what the Newbie Routine recommends.

Some people are far more sensitive than others and going above your personal threshold will only be counter-productive. Another thing to remember is that doing less by no means implies you will gains at a slower rate. Overworking yourself, on the other hand, will.

As for whether we’re all full of shit or not, as long as we’re on the same boat, will sink or survive together! :D

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