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Turtle turtle turtle


Here is something that will stop the turtle!! This works quite well as a very stealthy all day stretcher, and it is virtually free. Just cut a strip out of an old t-shirt or soft cloth about 12-15 inches long and about an inch wide. If you use t-shirt material, it will roll up lengthwise so you don’t have to fold it, and it will stay that way. With your dick at about 60 or 70% hard, put the string under your balls, and hold both ends of the string up where they are about even. Wrap one end and then the other around your whole package a couple of times, ending with the ends of the string back on top of your dick. Then do an overhand knot, but leave one end of the string sticking out instead of pulling it all the way through. That way, it’s a simple slip-knot, which can be undone with one quick pull.

I’ve found this to be a very effective all day stretcher. It keeps your dick at full size, and can be worn for two or three hours at a time. Just be sure to check often to make sure the glans is not feeling cold. If it is, remove the string and massage to get circulation going.

I have been on this forum for a while and read a lot on turtling. I have the same problem myself. I am not consistant with my PEing. I realized, if I stop PEing for over a week to two, my penis starts to turtle when I work out or when it is cold. I am also uncut, I have searched to see if there are any threads of uncut’s who have the same problem but did not really find anything helpful. Could more skin cause turtling?

You wouldn’t think so dumbm, but I’m cut so I wouldn’t really know.

Other ideas to follow Oldasdirt’s tshirt idea include getting a baby or toddlers sock. Works like a beanie for your unit to keep it stretched out and warm. The elastic sock material keeps it a snug tight fit. Never tried it, but others here have mentioned it and seem to like it.


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