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Turkey Necking

Turkey Necking

I’m not exactly sure what this is. Some people say it’s the scrotum skin beginning to come up to your “new” shaft length(I had recently read a thread that said it was because someone was not skin stretching enough. However I thought I had also read that it was caused by TOO much stretching, because it will leave excess skin around your penis causing it to hang. So which is it? How do I keep an eye out for it?

I know I read about this too, then I suddenly looked under my penis yesterday and realised I had about an inch of turkey neck which is quite worrying.

Stretching does not cause turkey neck. If you already have it and the skin you stretch, and thus expand, is below where the turkey neck ends on the underside of your shaft then yes it can cause it to increase. However if you stretch, and thus expand, the skin above where it ends then it will decrease as enough skin is grown to allow it to fall back to where it naturally belongs. For those of us that got whacked as infants there is a good chance of having a great deal of turkey neck and pubic/scrotal skin being pulled onto the shaft. Some manual skin stretching on the area where there is no turkey neck is the best approach to getting it under control or at least back to where it was prior to PE if you have expanded it along the way.

- Chris

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