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Turkey Neck


Originally Posted by DFuse
This Turkey neck is literally killing me!

I’m so sorry to hear that. Can I have all of your stuff?

Originally Posted by goforit
First Sorry about delayed answer was on Vacation and did not have a computer

What was quoted in my original message was your statement. I have no idea how to stretch the circumcision scar.

Did you stretch the skin while erect of soft?
How long did you pull the skin for?
Can you give me a good explanation of the technique.

I really want to do this!!


Re-read post 11. If that doesn’t help, I don’t know what your problem is. Stop with the PMs.

I don’t know if the following is OK, so I am apologizing ahead of time if a MOD needs to remove it.

Go to this page: and look at picture #2. Referring to the photo, grasp your shaft lower with you right hand, pull with your left hand.

Pinch and pull the whole way around, and you will see immediate results. If not, you just aren’t doing it,

I have been pinching and holding for 30 seconds in 6 areas around the circumcision scar once per day, and have not gained. Still at 1.2 inch. And only .5 at frenlum area. How long did you hold the pinch and pull and how many times per day did you do this to get your stretch of the circumcision scar?

Originally Posted by Newpac
Is your turkey neck natural or did it come from jelqing? Damn you guys are getting me nervous again.

I have some turkey neck since I started the PE.
But now is growing a little. I am doing something wrong?
How avoid the increase of the turkey neck skin when doing the jelqing.
I did see your post about turkey neck solutions in the forum.
I want to know more about it. Thanks.

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