So here it is roughly a year later. I’ve solved my turtling issue. It was my weight. It was happening before I started PEing. Bottom line, I was too fat. Still am, but as of today I’m down 40lbs. Still have 75 to go. But I haven’t had a single turtling issue in the last two months since I dropped some fat.

Unfortunately, my pe journey has been put on hold. I’ve gotta work on my weight loss for now. It’s far more important.

My turkey neck is still awful and I expect in a few years when I finish my pe journey, I’ll need surgery and I am okay with that. But it would be cool if something else less intrusive came to fruition in the meantime.

I know I necroed my own thread but I felt the need to update.

2/19/2012: BPEL 7.125" MSEG 5"

7/26/2012: BPEL 7.5" MSEG 5.1"

Goal 9"x6"