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Turkey Neck FixRidCureElimination

Turkey Neck FixRidCureElimination

Hello People!


I did some basic Jelging with the ok grip and always with a good warm-up.

I quit PE,
But over time,
The skin from my scrotum moved up to the sides and top part of my penis,
And as we all know the underside.

Suggested ways to fix this have made things much more worse.
Making the skin move more up the shaft.

Hitting the search bar with the keywords ‘turkey neck’ brings up posts from PE’ers who discuss there discontent with the Turkey neck,
But nobody has come up with a proven method to cure this.

Posts date from 2002.we are almost in 2010..

The craziest things are thought off to make your penis bigger..
Contraptions and kilograms hanging and clamping and pumping and jelqing and stretching.pfff

And no easy stretch to migrate the skin back into position.

Also a key thing is the fact that allot are circumcised but also a whole lot off PE’ers are uncircumcised.

I had big testicles and they were low hanging also because I had enough scrotum skin.

Now the skin has moved up and tightened, making the testicles smaller and closer to the body..

I have not gained one millimeter,by the way.

Surgery is the only proven way to fix this, but they don’t relocate the skin, instead they will cut away the ”excess” skin.

I now know that there isn’t new skin created,
You moved scrotum skin and pulled skin surrounding the scrotum around it.
That is why you can see a bigger colour difference when looking at your scrotum.the sides are white like your legs and in the middle is the darker toned skin, your scrotum originally.

Some say stretch the shaft and create new shaft skin making the turkey neck migrate back..
After doing this.I ended up with more foreskin..

Some say pull the glands up and scrotum down and stretch the turkey neck making new skin..
After doing this..
More scrotal skin came up my shaft and importantly the skin build up is applying tension on the upper sides of my penis.

And nobody has ever reported that they have fixed the turkey neck!!
In all these years no one has cured this!!

What to do ?

I didn’t notice this thread before I posted my thread just now. Take a look.

I can’t say I am the first to cure this, because I have a long long way to go. Don’t give up.

By the way, if you are uncut, jelq with your foreskin pulled back over your glans - it helps keep the skin from turkey necking. (Wish I knew this 2 years ago).

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

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