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Tunica Stretch

Tunica Stretch

Does anyone have advice/ experience on stretching the tunica?

God loves you, and He always will.

I’m new to PE, but have been browsing this forum for about half a year now. I’m just starting my program, and decided to use a light version of Memento’s routine. His specifically targets the tunica, which is the area where many people fill the strong steel cord, and is normally the limiting factor to increases in length.

The routine is here: Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism

I know that v and a stretches and any sort of work over a fulcrum can target the tissues of the tunica.

I spent some months hanging over a fulcrum with the focus on hitting the tunica, and saw some moderate gain, about 1/4” or so.

I am now on an extended decon as I think, even before starting hanging, I was in need of a break.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Thank you guys, I will try Memento’s inverted V today.

God loves you, and He always will.

Is it true that when you grab right below the glans and stretch to whichever direction, you are just stretching the skin and ligs, but NOT the tunica ?

If you stretch up, you are stretching the tunica. In whatever way you stretch your penis and feel tension in your tunica, you are stretching it.

God loves you, and He always will.

Yeah but the longer the holds are for example let’s say about 3-5 minutes per stretch, the more effect it has on the Tunica right ?

So for about 30-40 seconds a stretch, it’s got a lot more effect on the skin ?

I think either way it’s going to stretch the skin. The tunica takes longer to stretch, so I would advise to stretch it longer than you would the ligs for example. 3-5 mins per stretch is ideal but if you only do 30-40 secs per stretch, pause just long enough to shake the soreness, then immediately start stretching again, you will have similar results.

God loves you, and He always will.

While exploring tunica stretches, I found one that puts good, isolated tension on the tunica:

Grab your penis behind the glands in the okay sign and stretch out, palm facing you. Place your thumb from the opposite hand on top of your shaft, right under the “okay” sign. Push down with your thumb and pull up with the okay sign, still stretching your penis out. Now in this position, curl your penis back towards your stomach, the head should be touching your stomach. Last step, keep your hands in this position, now pull the penis upwards slightly with both of your hands, still remaining in the same position.

It’s like combining the v- stretch with the upward stretch. For a better grip, hook the pinky finger from the “okay” sign hand with the index finger from your opposite hand, under your shaft, when you press down with your thumb and curl up.

You can also research the Mandingo stretch. I have done this a couple of times and it puts great tension on the tunica.

One more: A post from a member called RB: “From a seated position, with legs spread, pull parallel to my right leg, left leg, up and along my body to the right, up and along my body to the left, straight up towards my chin, left and right along my leg and straight out doing a modified A stretch.”- I haven’t tried this yet but he claims to have made great length gains.

God loves you, and He always will.

I like this stretch !

Start Sept. 09 BPEL 5.5"

Now Jan. 14 BPEL 6.6" Goal 7.5 "x 6"

Improving my Best Friend in 3 Dimensions.

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