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Tunica Stretch Help Needed


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Originally Posted by ashikrobi
Dear experts,
Thanks for your advice. But no one clearly told me what kind of exercise are best for me. I know that LOT theory is questioned. So can I do all stretches? My routine is here:

Manual stretches for 20 seconds each
500 jelqs
20 minute of pump.
100 kegel

I want to squirt. How many months needed to be able to do so? Also I need to know how to determine that my BC muscles are strong enough?

Thanks all PE experts.

Pumping is questionable, a lot of guys choose to do only the newbie routine because it is quite possible to gain an impressive amount with simply manual exercises. Adding more advanced exercises typically tends to:
1). Brings you to a plateau faster than normal
2). Begins giving you Negative Physiological Indicators or injury

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

Above is how to tell if your routine is working for you.

The rest of your routine is swell, just keep increasing so you body does not adapt.
As for your shot, try taking a couple days off ejaculating. Usually does the trick.

Good luck.

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