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Tunica problem

Tunica problem

I tried the dry jelq in all forms (I read 3 ways). I think, with the C-wrap, my tunica bumped out a little from 3 locations. It seems like a slice of a ring. I have no pain or any bad feeling about it. Is this normal?

For newbies, I’d suggest gentle *wet* jelqing is the right way to start. Learn to feel how it feels, then VERY progressively increase the squeeze and duration. Take your time, weeks if necessary. WAY better to get it right than wrong early on!

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Are the “bumps” hard or soft? When you’re erect, can you press down on them and reach something hard underneath?

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I see them when hard erect, or doing jelq. I think it’s not hard and can’t feel any hard underneath.

I have a similar injury however; I haven’t been doing much jelqing since I’ve noticed the injury, mostly just stretching. It’s a hard spot on one side of my tunica at the base. I can feel it both when it’s flaccid and erect but it’s more pronounced when erect. There is no pain but it feels like cyst or something. I was concerned it may be partly herniated. Anyone have any ideas what this might be?

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