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Tuggers PE progress journal

Tuggers PE progress journal

So I just finished my first routine in the second week of my programme.
I have already noticed my EQ being above average and the amount I ejaculated last was at least twice the usual amount.
I am feeling confident I will see some gains soon. I have been following the new newbie routine (linear) with a few extra kegels on a 2 day on 1 day off pattern. Eventually I will be pumping and hanging

NBPEL - 8.5 inches
EG mid shaft - 6.5 inches

My measurements as of 1 week ago (26/6/2012) are;
17cm BPEL or 6.69 inches
14 cm EG or 5.5 inches
13 cm girth behind circumcision line
10 cm around the head

I have photos to upload but I don’t have a computer at the moment and can’t upload off my iPhone. If anyone could be bothered uploading for me somehow (moderator) I would appreciate it. I can’t exactly take photos of my cock to a Internet cafe to upload.

As well as enlarging my penis I would love to improve other things too, like my physique and confidence around women. I’m looking for ways in which to do the latter and I’m going to listen to some of David deangelo’s podcasts to help with this.

I will try and record each session if my schedule allows it.
It usually takes me about an hour to complete including a 15 min shower at the end instead of a warm up. Does anyone know if it is still as effective having a shower and massaging penis, or is direct heat via face cloth etc
I have chosen stretches that favour the left side as my penis is a bit bowed and slightly twisted. Also my jelqing technique is slightly modified.

Today’s session:

WARM UP - 5-10 minutes
30 second stretches ( SD,SO,Down right,right,up right, and BTC.)
JELQING - 40 min
WARM UP - 5-10 mins

Today was good kept hard, almost too hard during jelqing. 40 isn’t enough I feel like doing more but I’ll stick to the guidelines.
EQ 8/10
I couldn’t resist but to masturbate at the end , but I tryed to edge for a bit first. I know I shouldn’t. Goodbye fellow PE’ers I

Back into it after some friends visited. Was a good session.
Just realised that I made a mistake on first post, only 40 reps jelqing not 40 min.

WARM UP - 10 mins
30 sec stretches
40 jelqs
Warm down, in shower.

The whole routine took 40 mins in total incl shower.
I’m sure my dick looks bigger already even after a broken routine.
I did notice my penis turtled a bit after I got out of the shower. It is pretty cold tonight though
I had to let it settle down half way through workout and have had raging wood in the mornings so I’d rate
EQ 8/10

Looking forward to tomorrow nights session!

We have very similar current size and the same goal! I’m just starting out.

Began July 2012 with BPEL 7", EG 5.44"

Goal: 8.5" x 6.5"

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