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Trying to reach 8.5 is it possible Or should I go to 9inch


Hey thanks guys. I really appreciate the input.

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Originally Posted by sandisk932
Hey everybody,

I’m an African American and 6’3 I have an 6.8 inch dick. Check it out.

I want to reach at least a magnum sized condom, I fuck the hell out of every girl I get with, but I’m just not satisfied with what I have. I want to know if being more girthy, about 6.5 in around and 8.5 inch tall (my penis around in 5 inches round and 6.8 inches tall) too lofty of a goal? I love being deepthroated so I don’t really want anything bigger, but to be 9 inches would be cool. I questions are: 1) Can I get to 8.5x6.5 easy from where I am? Is it a good size? Or should I aim for 9 inch? Is that too big? I’m uber confused. I can’t be in a relationship without knowing I’m pleasing my women. Please help, any advice ya’ll got. OHHH, and how do you get thicker?



P.s. If none of all yall respond I’m going to post again. This shit is important me. Ya dig?

Nice goal. Seems very attainable. Work hard and pray that you are an easy gainer. Take it easy at first but be consistent.

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Originally Posted by FrenumFellow
Speaking of input from our female members, I just noticed this quote appearing at the bottom of my screen: “Being the biggest she ever had doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best she ever had. Try not getting those two things mixed up because they don’t go hand in hand. One has little to do with the other.” - DiamondWinds

This is a thought that keeps running through my head when I read some of these threads. I like the way it is worded though! MUCH more gentle on the ears than the brutal way in which I would state it.


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Goal: BPEL: 7.000" EG: 6.000" FL: 5.000" FG: 4.750"

Good luck mate. This stuffs easy. You’ll get there in no time. Be consistent and stick to the newbie routine.

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