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trying to find a routine.

trying to find a routine.

To help me stay alittle harder.

I do 1minute kegels x4 right now daily.

doesnt seem to help.

can anyone help me out?

Jelq and search

Nbpel - 6.5" Bpel 7.25" Eg 5.125"

Originally Posted by Zombiedrool
do 1minute kegels x4 right now daily.
doesnt seem to help.

Is that one kegel contraction, held for a minute, four times a day or a bunch of kegels for one minute, four times per day? Either way it isn’t enough. Contract the BC muscle for about three or four seconds and do 50 of them. Do that every day for a while, then cut back to every other day. See what happens.

Are there other reasons you can’t stay hard? Too much PE. Too much weed or alcohol? Fatigue? Too much or not enough exercise? More information is needed.

Here’s what I do for a kegel routine. It lasts 15 minutes.

10 second kegel.
5 second rest.
5 second kegel.
3 second rest.
3 second kegel.
2 second rest.

Keep doing this cycle until 15 minutes are up. I just count the seconds in my head, but use an actual clock to know when 15 minutes is over. The other thing I sometimes do is after 10 minutes, I only do 3 and 5 second kegels. I think the shorter, quicker contractions are more important than longer contractions, but I don’t know for sure.

So Springer240 did you notice a big difference in the quality of erections when you started to do them for 15 mins?

Yes, the quality was greater, and flaccid hang was much more significant.

I did notice that if I do the routine for 20 minutes, flaccid hang tends to be less, but I cannot comment on erection quality. I’ve never had difficulties getting hard, it’s just that I get to 75% size and cannot continue to expand like I feel I should. My glans during erection appears very squishy, but I can kegel in blood to it’s full size. I use a cock ring, and in combination with kegels, I can maintain a fair size and be hard.

Kegel with erections too.

Started Newbie Routine: October 8 2008

BPEL: 5.91" (15cm)

EG: 4.53" (11.5cm) EG at base: 4.33 (11cm)

I dont have trouble getting an eraction. My glans still seem to be to soft. Like around 85% erection size. Thinks for the routine springer240. How long did it take to see results?

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