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Trying something new.

Trying something new.

Hello Guys,

I have been PEing for a little over 4 months 5 or 6 days a week. I’m ready to try clamping. I have tried pumping a couple of years ago but couldn’t stay focused. I hope that maybe adding clamping will keep me interested and show some more new gains. When I started the gains came quick and now they have slammed into a wall! Here’s what I plan on doing. Warmup with a rice sock. Then I build up a rock hard erection then put my clamp on. After 10 mins. Of clamping I remove it and keep it hard so the blood will flow. After 5 mins. I repeat the process. When done the snd time I rub it for another 5 mins. Then put my Extender on for 2 hours. Threw out the day I try to do two or three clamps. This is all the time I have for the Extender because I work and go to school full time. I will let you guys know if this will kick start my gains. Wish me luck.

Started PEing 09/2005 Took a 2 year break. Thinking of restarting.

Try it and tell us how it works. Happy gaining!

Definitely keep us posted, being of similar stats as you would be nice to see your progress!

Start 02/2006: 6.50" BPEL 5.75" NBPEL 5.50" EG

Goal for now: 8.00" BPEL 7.50" NBPEL 6.25" EG

God luck on the gaining.

I haven’t stuck to the plain that great but what I have been doing is the warm up and then three sets of ten mins. of clamping. I haven’t used the extender much I lost 1/8” from my BPEL but I gained 1/8” in my EG so that seems to be a fair trade. I lost that in the first week and haven’t lost anymore. I also throw in a set here and there when I get the chance.

Started PEing 09/2005 Took a 2 year break. Thinking of restarting.


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