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Trying for length

Trying for length

First post here. Been peing for awhile now and was wondering what you guys thought about my routine. I mainly want length first and then girth

In the morning
10 min warmup
15min BTC stretches
15 mins of straight, left right down stretches
10 min warm down

I then use a traction wrap for about 8 hrs

10 minute warmup
10 minutes of jelqing
5 minutes of Ulis
10 minute warm down

Please help me if you guys can, this is a great site and hope I can get where’s want to be

If are not wanting girth gains now stay away from the uli`s, and keep the jelqing on the conservative side. Make sure you continue to warm up properly and stretch away. Welcome to Thunders.

Will the Ulis hurt my length gains. If I get added girth that will be a positive but I want length

Nothing is going to “hurt” length gains, but if you are trying to target a certain aspect of your development, you should focus on exercises geared for just that. That being said everyone is different, you may gain from any/all exercises, length and girth. PE is as personal as your fingerprints. Find what works for you and go with it. Experiment and learn, the most important thing is to avoid injury.

Would you say I have a good routine set up or would there be something you would change. Trying to soak everything up, been doing a lot of reading but seems like theres infinite routines to try

What are peoples favorite routine for length

After conditioning.. Hanging.

Do you think for length gains the ligaments are more important or the tunica. Would a routine with both help me more with length?

Ligs! Hands down. In my opinion each of us have half an inch to an inch to gain in length from lig work alone. Working the ligs will still yield “some” tunica gains. I worked only length pointing straight down or BTC and still got some girth gains.

Starting Stats: BPEL = 5.875, EG = 4.375 <> Current Stats: BPEL = 7.25, EG = 4.6

I agree in general the first big jump in lengths gains can, and will likely, come from the ligs. However, I also believe that once you achieve your lig length gains, it becomes slow going and requires the tunica to grow. In the long run you want both the ligs and the tunica to grow, unless your goal of length gain is low enough.

It would be interesting to here from others what an average gain from ligs might be. For me I think my first inch was largely due to lig gains with some tunica. However, this last 1/2”+ gain has been much slower and I believe is largely tunica gain with only minor continued lig gain.


My thoughts vary as I proceed down this road.

Because everyone is slightly different, it takes time (probably a year or so) to discover what works precisely for the individual.

I have heard that clamping effects length gains, yet after a month of clamping I discovered an extra 3/8” inch that I didn`t know I had.

Was that from the stretching that I`d already done religiously for months, or from the clamping it`s self?

When I clamp I only measure just over 6 1/2” erect length, yet when only semi-erect without the clamp I measure 6 7/8” in length, though not as girthy.which makes perfect physical sense.

Given that the penis is a pressurised cylinder, if it is over filled, like when it is will fill out laterally if it is restricted length-wise by the tunica.

Simple physics suggests that when clamping the cylinder will expand where it is most able, and it seems that mine can expand sideways more easily that it can longways.

When I clamp, my girth is between 5 1/2-5 3/4” depending on how long I clamp for, and I`m sure that if I persisted with clamping for a couple of months I could reach 6”.

But not to the detriment of my length gains.


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