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Try this. what do you find

Try this. what do you find

Hey all,

Just a quick test for you, I was playing with my balls earlier and found something that’s got me a little worried.

I noticed the underside of my left testicle was a bit ‘messy’, the best way to describe would be a ‘mess of wiring’. Basically there seems to be a lot of lumpy bits, tubes, veins and bumps, a hell of a lot more than on the right testicle which has hardly any ‘wiring’ and is basically just a perfect egg shape.

If anyone else could have a go at this & let me know what you find I would appreciate it, I’m debating whether to go to the doctors about it because I’ve never noticed it before, but don’t want to waste the doctors time if it’s quite common.

Any info/advice is also appreciated.


PS: I know this isn’t suited to this forum, I tried posting it in the ‘not covered elsewhere forum’ but was not allowed to. If any kind moderator out there would like to move it please do :)

I also have a lot of “wiring” on the left side. Had it for as long as I can remember.

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I do as well… Its probably the left seminal vesicle (stores sperm) and all its tubing and stuff to carry sperm, hormones, etc… I am no doctor by any means. But it might be like a reasonable explanation?

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Lol you guys.. Have none of you ever gotten a physical? I’m not sure how to spell it, buts it’s called a varacaseel. It’s normal, all men have it, there are RARE instances where it increases in growth and they have to cut it down. But it’s very rare. Don’t worry about it.


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I agree and disagree. It might be a varicocele, but having one is not normal and “all men” do not have them. The easiest way to describe a varicocele is to equate it with varicose veins of the legs. The veins in the spermatic cord veins around the testicle, usually on the left side, are enlarged with increase pressure. A varicocele may or may not be tender. The biggest problem with having one is a decrease in sperm production. If you have a concern about what it might be, you should see a physician.

I noticed this once before and thought that I might have some kind of cancer or something.. Well at least it’s not harmful!

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Originally Posted by Peter Dick
I also have a lot of “wiring” on the left side. Had it for as long as I can remember.

I had this some time ago and had an ultrasound scan. Basically it was nothing to worry about: a varicocele, as WestLA says.

However, don’t let anyone put you off going to the doctor about it if you are concerned: better safe than sorry.

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