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Try again

Try again


I started PE at about January 14Th and did it for 1.5 month but found that there where no gains and I didn’t have any morning wood, what also contributed to me stopping is I bought warming lube to do jelqs though it was crap and made it difficult to do.

Though after reading the topic at the top of the forum it has inspired me to start again though I’m going to do alot more preparation, make sure I get very accurate measurements which I will do over the next 2 weeks and read alot to prepare for the 1st of may when I will start.

What I think I really need to do is that the article said which was take it very slow and if you see pi then continue till you don’t see anymore gains then increase your time slightly

Well just thought I would just say this and just any pointers.

Thanks guys

Excellent. I too did PE for a period of a couple of months on and off - I saw modest gains but overall my penile health was far better. Stronger erections and better wanks.

Good luck on your quest!

If you had morning wood before starting PE, I would say that you overtrained.

Take It slowly :)


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