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Truth about PE.


Truth about PE.

Okay, so I’ve done extensive research about PE where lots of articles/people claim that the only reason it grows is because exercising causes scarring. I posted in a sex advice forum and here’s an excerpt from one of the moderators reply:

“I think the scar tissue may be from very small tears within the spongy mass of the penis. PC excersises sound like a good idea, but unless you’re smaller than like 4” I think the stretching may not be worth it.”

“If you lift weights and exercise do your arms and legs get longer? No of course not so by doing anything in the way of exercising the penis other then the conventional way of good old in and out repetitions such as the methods you’ve mentioned there “may” be an increase in girth but definitely not length.”

Another reply:

“Being a woman, I have something to say about the whole size issue. The truth is that size DOES matter, but not in the way most guys believe it does. I can’t think of very many women who would be thrilled about doing a 1-2” penis (and trust me guys, those are out there) but I’ve NEVER heard a woman complain about a good 5-7”. And though there is the obvious too little problem, most women don’t want to have sex with guys with a larger than average penis either. I think the whole male image of bigger is better stems from guys own belief that girls WANT a bigger penis, which is hardly the case. Most women are happy with whatever size you provide, as long as you know how to work it So if I were you, I wouldn’t worry so much about size. Because it doesn’t matter as much to women as it does to guys.”

I’m very curious to hear anyone’s thoughts/real truth on growth only the result of scarring from exercising and the age old debate of women saying size does or does not matter.


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I agree and disagree. There are certain pleasures only attainable with a larger penis that you cannot manipulate without using toys or other supplies. Some girls are content with having the ‘simple pleasures’ aka clitoris orgasms but they are not introduced to the CD orgasms yet.

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Well Allot of people on this forum gain length so it’s safe to say that’s wrong, In fact I gain length far easier than I gain girth and also allot of people here do.

On the size matter I’m not huge but I know I’m not small either, Every girl iv been with has said I have a big dick, Now when I asked a few of them what size they thought it was they say oh over 8 inches! I’m not saying every girls like this but most IMO don’t have a clue what 6 inch’s is until you show them it on a ruler, My bird included :)

It’s funny. Whenever they say ‘Ohh 8 inches’ it’s a woman’s way of saying it’s big enough so you are in the clear either way.

Starting/Present: 7.0 NBPEL x 5.5 EG

4/1/07 - 7.0 NBPEL x 5.7 EG - Pic: Chief dantes pics

Settle For: 8.5 NPEL x 6.5 EG

CD Orgasms? Sorry, I’m familiar with quite a bit of slang, but that one is unfamiliar as of yet =P. What about the so called scarring? A lot of articles/people say the only reason it may grow is because exercising is creating scar tissue inside.

As of now, my EL is around 6.5”, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have .5 to 1 extra inch in length, but going farther than that, I don’t really think is necessary. I don’t intend on dating a size queen.

They are free to believe whatever they choose to, in the end we have lots of people happily achieving their dream sizes through the many forms of PE.

One of the problems that I find with some people is that just because we dont have any better name for the things we do but penis exercises, they conclude that as the penis is not a muscle then PE doesn`t work, and also they compare it to doing push ups or weight lifting, while the mechanics involved in PE have very little to do with those of regular exercises.

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Rayne, I recommend looking up some of Wadzilla’s posts, he debates the issues and has thought it out very thouroughly, very experienced vet, who has experienced gains and lost them after he thought they were “cemented”. EtP theory makes the most sense to me, guys gain, its all about putting in the time. Give it a try yourself if you don’t want to believe me. I know what I measured at a month ago and know what I’m measuring now, granted its a newbie gain, I’ve still gained.

While I’m not as much a vet as some other members here, I’m a firm believer in the “more is more” camp, but this has a lot to do with me believing in EtP theory.

My goal is to be the best me, mind, body and soul, PE is part of achieving the best me.

Well, it works, I’ve gained an inch both ways in 5 years of on and off PEing.

You should take a lot of stock in what that woman posted. It is nice to see a woman get candid on the subject. Remember, behind the anonymity of the internet, people will be blunt on such topics.

“If you lift weights and exercise do your arms and legs get longer? No of course not so by doing anything in the way of exercising the penis other then the conventional way of good old in and out repetitions such as the methods you’ve mentioned there “may” be an increase in girth but definitely not length.”


When you PE.. you don’t buy miniature barbells and dumbells and do 3x8 sets of shaft curls and 2x10 glans kickbacks.

PE has more in common with African tribes who do skin stretching on parts of their body like earlobes or necks.

Hhaahhaah glans kickbacks. That would be interesting

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HardbodyPEer: What is EtP theory? I mean, I’ve done PE a couple years back 5 days a week for a month and did see gains, harder erections, etc.. But who knows if that’s actual growth or scarring?

Spektrum: So, do you believe what that woman said in her reply about size and most women being content with 5-7”?

These subjects are going wild in my mind at the moment, can’t seem to get a grasp on what is truth or not. Has been on my mind for quite some time now, nagging the hell out of me. Would be good to get more opinions/thoughts/suggestions on it all.


So they put forth a hypothesis that you cannot gain any length. Do they have any proof of it or did they just come up with it and decided that must be the case? Have any experiments been made I’m not aware of? A lack of proof for PE is not proof that it doesn’t work.

The penis is not an arm or an leg, it’s an organ. Limbs and organs is completely different things. I don’t think I need to tell you that the penis doesn’t contain any bones(!) for starters, so the comparison is rather absurd. It’s interesting that they kind of accept that girth can be gained. Do they mean the tunica can stretch girth-wise but not lengthwise? That sounds like a pretty strange and inconsistent claim. And I wonder how they feel about ligament gains. Do they deny that ligaments can be stretched too?

Bottom line is, they “think” it doesn’t work, they haven’t put it to the test and they make up faulty comparisons to try to prove their point. I would take their claims with a grain of salt. It’s not enough to simply “think” or “believe” in something for it to be true, you have to put it to the test. Cool thing about PE, it’s easy to test and it’s completely free.

Glans kickbacks… sounds like a bribe to get past the pubic police.

I think that the vast majority of women can be satisfied with a 5-7” penis. And probably with ones on both sides of that size range. Learning how to use your penis and other parts of your body as well as your brain is the key to sexual satisfaction of both yourself and your partner.

As for the reasoning behind growth. I am no biologist/ anatomy expert/ medical guy/ whatever… but I do know my penis has grown through manual exercises I found here on Thunder’s Place. That’s good enough for me.:) How the growth is obtained, I do not know, but my penis is in fine fine health and that leads me to think that the growth process is healthy.

Who cares what others think about your penis? The point is that YOU are happy with it.

The problem is that some people look for validation from others, instead of themselves, and so they become dependent on others to feel good about their penis or themselves. It’s kinda like asking someone “Do you allow me to feel good about my penis?”, it’s irrational. Don’t let other people decide whether to feel good about yourself, decide it yourself. If someone don’t like it, the problem is theirs, not ours.

Well, all 3 of you (last 3 posters) have really cleared up a lot of things for me. I do have some other things to say, but it’ll have to wait until morning.. I’m about to pass out from exhaustion.

Please stay tuned!


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