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Truth about PE.


Just remember one point though guys, do PE first and foremost for yourself.

If you are doing it ultimately for X or Y girl or guy, you’ll never be happy yourself and some size queens would never be satisfied.

I suspect anyone reading this isn’t going to be the biggest out there. There are some really big natural guys, few of them, but that is a fact of life. Set realistic goals.

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Originally Posted by Rayne
Okay, so I’ve done extensive research about PE where lots of articles/people claim that the only reason it grows is because exercising causes scarring. I posted in a sex advice forum and here’s an excerpt from one of the moderators reply:

“I think the scar tissue may be from very small tears within the spongy mass of the penis. PC excersises sound like a good idea, but unless you’re smaller than like 4” I think the stretching may not be worth it.”

“If you lift weights and exercise do your arms and legs get longer? No of course not so by doing anything in the way of exercising the penis other then the conventional way of good old in and out repetitions such as the methods you’ve mentioned there “may” be an increase in girth but definitely not length.”

You call 5 lines extensive research? And you title this post “truth about P.E.”?

I doubt that exercising causes scarring. In resistance training, a muscle is broken down. Tiny tears in the muscle occur during the actual exercises, and protein is packed in during rest and recovery, and the muscle grows bigger. The spongy mass of the penis is NOT replaced by scar tissue, or else one wouldn’t feel anything. Penile scars are the last thing men want.

In no way is the penis similar to the bicep. The bicep has a bone which limits growth, and it’s attached to the are at two ends: the shoulder and elbow. The penis is not, or else, it wouldn’t be much of a baby maker. Even so, skeletal muscles can still stretch. That’s why certain people are more or less flexible than others, and flexibility can be gained and lost.

"There ‘may’ be an increase of girth but definitely not length”

All cells are spheroid. When it experiences hypertrophy, it gets bigger in all directions. A deflated basketball, when pumped, will not end up looking like a football.

It sounds like to me, your research is of ignorant people who like to think.

That sounds like an answer from a person who has no knowledge of pe, I have found quite a few “ask” websites where supposedly very knowledgeable people answer with non sense. If our gains come from scars.who cares it’s gains and our penis still works. Why would he compare exercising muscles to grow to applying force to stretch tissue?


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