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Truly Weird and Shocking.


I had a lig pop this morning. Was performing a straight out stretch and went from that into a downward
Stretch while keeping the tension up. I was pulling quite hard. Even though this happened to me before
A few months ago it still gave me a fright!.

I don’t know if you feel it, or hear it, or both. But there is no mistaking it. If it has happened to
You before you’d know, and when it happens to you, you’ll know what it is!

It’s still never happened to me, I tried pulling downward quite hard, still hasn’t happened :(

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Originally Posted by Hando

Don’t want to start another thread for this, I have a simple question. When stretching I find the “OK grip” bout an inch or so behind the head a tad bit uncomfortable. Will I eventually get used to this and experience less discomfort? Also is it ok to pinch the head and stretch or is that just asking for injury? Thanks so much, this is by far the best forum I have ever been to, packed with nice people.

Have you seen the video on this page Simple Manual Stretches Video

I think you should focus your grip a bit behind the glans.

Oh and if you have for example a 30% erection you can kegel some blood into the glans, and then trap it with a grip behind the glans. This helps me getting a better grip.

I agree with the slight build up of blood help with grip, just be careful not to have too much in their or you can cause some damage not to mention discolouration in the glans.

I get lig pops, and even get them when I pull to the side hard enough (sitting down legs far apart as poss) I feel they are positive, but then there are those who have not had one and have gained really good.

Who knows

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