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Truely Truthful Measure

Truely Truthful Measure

I am the 50 year old newbie and am not quiet sure how to measure to get started. If I hold the ruler on top of the penis the ligaments coming out of my pelvis push the ruler away and I get less on the ruler. If I put the ruler to the side of my penis and push it in untill it hits the bone I get a lot more. Which one of these measures is the real thing. I get 3/4 of an inch difference in measure by taking it from the side. Which one do I use or is there a middle ground? Thanks, DOP

The most important thing is, do all measurements every time in the same way.

To measure properly, put the ruler on the top of the penis and press it into the pubic fat pad until it hits the bone.
As the angle of the penis and the position of your body has also impact on measurement, measure at an angle of 90 degrees, which means your penis is parallel to the floor. Most people including me measure standing up, knees touching each other, as this is approx. what a girl gets. Measuring sitting on a chair will result in half an inch more.

It is very helpful to use the search button to get some good answers on nearly any question.
Good luck.

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