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True or False


I started in Feb at 6x4.75 for only one week. I then had to stop for a while. Picked it back up one week ago and was amazed to start at 6.25x4.90. Now I am measuring 6.5x5.0. I guess I am a very lucky fast gainer. My goal is 7x5.5 and I am sure I can reach that before year end. Maybe a lot sooner. I don’t want to get huge as many of my female friends warn me against it. But I will decide what to do after I reach 7x5.5.

I think results just totally differ by person. Some need 3 years to gain 1 inch, others can probably do it in 3 months. We all have different bodies, start with different stats and develop differently. The only way you will know is if you try it.

The advice I have taken from here is be patient, be consistent and don’t overdo it. It’s like anything in life that you want to be successful at.

Anyways, I will disclaim that I am new at this and don’t claim to know what I am taking about, but my penis today already looks a lot different from 2 months ago.

Good luck!

Yea prime, it’s good to be cautious, I was, just bustin your balls a little, but you figure out it’s safe, just take it slow.


No one here, other than the occasional Troll, with do anything other than laugh at the penis pills.
Guys that gain fast are a little more likely to post, you know? “Holly Crap! My penis is 1/2” bigger in just 3 months!!!” Also people tend to notice these posts more. It took me 2 years to gain an inch.

Much of the point of the Newbie routine is conditioning and learning just how your penis responds to this stuff. Very few guys gain from the basic, bare bones n00b routine. The do learn how to do the exercises safely and learn how things feel when done correctly. Then, in very little time, they can bump it up from a 10 minute work and actually be doing PE as apposed to just learning how.

Best thing you can do with this stuff is be careful and safe. It doesn’t seem to apply to you; but, You have no idea how many times I tell new guys, ” Be careful! Do not break your penis!”

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Prime raises some good questions. AND I wonder if there are some members in the medical or health fields that can weigh in on this subject. One “official” medical opinion I read from the Mayo Clinic, said that PE doesn’t work, and is relatively “harmless”. Another report I read said the only real gains come from stretching the suspensory ligaments, and are only “apparent” gains, as the whole penis is shifted forward, and it’s total length does not change. Has anyone or group done some studies on this? You know, like a test group *PE’ers” and a control group (non PE’ers)?

By the way, I have achieved some solid gains in length (5.5” or so in Nov 05 to 7.0” in Apr 06 (BPEL)) and about 0.5” in girth (now around 5.75”) - Jelquing and stretching - So I’m a believer. MC

Yes, I am curious to know what doctors and urologists would think about this subject when reading to this forum or other noncommercial websites. Anyway, after few good sessions of newbie routine, I feel already better on my unit. No new measurements by know, I don’t want to discourage myself, but I think that this stuff is healthy and good if you practise with intelligence and attention.

Thanks for this beautiful forum guys!

I’ve gained almost 3/8 of an inch in lenght, and 1/4 of an inch in girth, since I started PE about a month ago.

This works for sure. The ruler tells the truth :)


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