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Trouser Bulge


Trouser Bulge

Hey guys,

I’m 6 inches hard and 3 soft with a tight sack and small balls, i dont know what my girth is but its pretty thin. Basically when i wear any type/fit of trousers, jeans i never have a bulge in the croth area. It looks like ive got nothing down there at all and it’s really bugging me. Im not on about the attention looking bulge but just a regualr, natural looking one like oh so many guys have. I wear long tops to cover my lack of bulge and never wear short length tops. I have even tried stuffing some rolled up socks in my boxers but it didnt look natural and kept moving about!

Ive heard a cock ring that also goes over your balls can act as a bulge enhancer but ive never tried it, has anyone else? or has anyone else got any suggestions for a bulge enhancer?

Thanks for your time

Stretch out your dick and wrap a self-clinging Ace bandage around it. This will keep it in a stretched state and add some apparent girth too. Just be sure the wrap isn’t too tight, or you could have circulation problems.

I’ll try that and add it to my routine.

"Men are gifted with two heads, sadly they do not

have enough blood to run

both at the same time" by anonymous

Relax mate, if you’re covering yourself up like the way you are, it would seem your self image is poor. Life’s too short.

I’m sure jeans are worn to prevent too much bulging anyway, at least for me. The hard fabric of denim keeps my package in place quite nicely.

Probably the worse thing to do in trying to achieve trouser bulge is to try to achieve trouser bulge. You know it is funny. Before getting on this site I always wondered if a guy knew is package was showing through his pants. I always thought that it was cool to show some diffination in my crotch.

I guess that would be a good poll. How many guys check out other guys for trouser bulge? How many women?

I think if you wear briefs and your cock is completely flaccid then you will have no bulge no matter how big you dick is. Your balls when the bag is soft and hang make the bulge. So you have to keep them warm so they hang down. You won’t see someone’s cock in his pants unless he has a boner on. And of couse you can’t walk around with a hard-on all day.

I wear boxer breifs. They keep my balls warm so they hang. They give a little restriction but they don’t bind you up and you are free to have an erection.

The material of jeans is too rough for my dick. I like the feel of soft cotton on my Johnson.

Don’t get all hung up on trouser bulge. I think it means more to you than it does to anyone else. Chose pants that give an appearence of manhood in the crotch don’t try to show off everything you own. Tight pants are not always the best choice.

Bulge or no bulge, what matters is you have a cock :)

I avoid tight pants like the plague but its even with lose pants i have a problem. I have no outward curve if you know what i mean it just seems to go inward like a girls crotch (it doesnt even seem to go straight). Im not trying to show off my whole dick outline here just a slight bulge. Ive tried all different types of underwear but nothing works for me. Sure some people think im worrying over nothing and i probably am but it matters to me at this momemnt in time becuase i know people look at it-men and women. I know the main problem is my tight sack and even when its warm its stil pretty high up and it always makes my size an issue even when im getting dressed in the morning. So please could you help me. Thanks

Try wearing either the ACE velcro wrap or the TheraP one that peforeal recommends. Wrap both your cock and your balls. If you don’t show some bulge that way I will be real surprised.



Golf weights. :)

Start wearing a ball ringer when you hang or do your pe routine. The ball ringer really helps with making your balls come out and play.

BALLRinger=A cock ring or rubberband or anything that you can wrap around your balls to make them not shrink up. The theory is, that if you force your balls not to contract into your scrotum. Then little by little they will be forced to hang out.

Hi jamone, fellow UK’ish member here. The TheraP which avocet suggested will work a treat for sure and is fairly inexpensive and comfortable to wear. I have no experience of the others suggested, but if they are recommended here, they will work.

Good luck and welcome to home. :mwink:

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For what it’s worth, Jamone, I don’t ever notice men or women checking out bulges, and when I have looked around at guys’ pants, in response to these kinds of threads, I virtually NEVER see any bulge whatsoever. My penis sometimes hangs as big as 6 x 5.5 flaccid, and there is no “bulge” to speak of.

What I do is point my flaccid penis upward. I dunno but it shows a bulge.

"Men are gifted with two heads, sadly they do not

have enough blood to run

both at the same time" by anonymous

To have a large bulge you need to have a large flaccid penis, or cheat some how. You must at least dress right and of course wear your pants in the correct height.

If this is such a big deal you must consider that most jeans aren’t produced to show off anything, so you could try to wear tricots. :p

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