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Troublesome curve advise pls.

Troublesome curve advise pls.

Since mid puberty I’ve had a pretty severe upwards curve on my erection. I don’t think it’s that Peronies disease as it has always been the same. I put it down to my teenage underhand masturbation technique, but that’s irrelevant I suppose. The problem is, that despite the curve being pretty much the only thing that can hit a girls G spot with, with me having such a puny pencil dick. Whilst wearing a condom most of the time I can’t feel a fucking thing in there! Probably due to the combination of puny girth, the slack arse pussies on most of the girls that are willing to go with me, me being ruined by porn and usually having to have a few drinks for the courage to be in there in the first place. I start to wilt sometimes when I’m inside and if one of us miss-times a thrust it can bend right back on itself, rendering me in agony and bringing the whole event to a painful, embarrassing and disappointing end. Will PE help to straighten my curve and/or strengthen my boner? I’m very new to this, but I wish I discovered it so many years ago! I’m 36 now. Oh how I would of loved to have met my goals 10/15 years ago!

Short term goals 7”L. 5”G Thanks fellas.

Any kind of stretches will mostly try to lengthen the dorsal side of your penis, so reducing the upward curve. You can’t expect anything in the short term, not miracolous results in the long, but a slight reduction is possible. Of course PE will make your erections harder too. I think if the curve is a major problem, focusing more on the girth and less on the length will improve things (at least it makes some sense to me).

Thanks man. Not exactly good news, but it could be worse, and hey I’m still buzzing from finding out you can actually build a bigger penis from exercise. Took nearly 37 years to do so sadly but better late than never eh? Yeah it’s obv girth I’m going for if you look at my stats. Gonna take it easy for the first month or so, not expecting to see any gains while I get conditioned then build it up from there and hope see a significant gain in about a years time. Been looking at other peoples stats and my word even those regarded as average gainers have seen amazing growth! Just imagine being able to increase 50% of your body muscle mass in a couple of years!? No amount of steroids and hard work could reap them kind of rewards. Just a thought. Thanks again.

I’d say that’s a wise perspective. :)

Best of luck on your goals.

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