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Trouble with warm wrap

Trouble with warm wrap

I’m trying to use the sock method because it is easier than the wash cloth but every time I heat up the sock it starts burning and smells up the house. Any advice on how to avoid this or a better way to warm wrap (besides wash cloth)

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This sounds almost too familiar to me.I needed two weeks to get rid of the disgusting smell in my microwave.

I invested 5€ (~6$) in a hot/cold pad used for injuries.You can warm it in the microwave too and no more problems.

It is really worth the invest and I think you can get it even cheaper.

Yeah the smell is really nasty. Ill have to go look for one of those.Thanks

Starting measurments *1-23-06 BPEL- 6 11/16 EG- 5 7/16 Goal BPEL-8 EG-6

how long are you heating it in the microwave? I only heat mine for a minute or two and I only get a real light odor.

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I would heat for one minute, and the sock will like start to burn. It will start with a little hole and then just keep smoking.

Starting measurments *1-23-06 BPEL- 6 11/16 EG- 5 7/16 Goal BPEL-8 EG-6

ROFLAMO AHHAAH that would look so funny. I use wrap-does sock provide any benefits?

The hot/cold packs are a good idea, I use one myself. Have you tried heating the sock for a shorter period of time. Or heat one side for 30 sec then the other side for 30 sec?

It sounds like you need to change the sock you are using to something made from natural fibres.

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Ditto. Try a cotton sock if you’re not already using one. Try lowering the power setting on your microwave if applicable.

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