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Trouble with measuring

Trouble with measuring

Hi all,

I would just firstly like to thank everyone of you guys who has made a contribution to this forum, It is soooo inspiring!!

Secondly I hope to be able to give back to other guys what I have recieved from this forum….alot of help, support, inspiration and knowledge.

Right now to the real point.

I have done a little bit of PE before but nothing as serious as what I am about to now (partially due to the inspiring pics!). I want to add my measurements to the database so that I can have an accurate history of my progress.

I understand fully how to get the erect measurements, the problems lies in the flaccid ones.

If I measure my penis staright after I change my work clothes before I go for a shower I get a length reading of 7cm (bone pressed) and a girth reading of 10cm. If I get a measurement after a little ‘play’ the length reading is at 12cm (bone pressed).

Which reading should I use?

In addition to this feel very ‘intimidated’ when I get changed in public changing rooms (e.g. for swimming etc) since my penis seems to be ‘hiding’, if I pull it or stretch it for a few seconds it ‘emerges’. Any help so that it doesnt ‘hide’? ( I have used the search but no luck)

I appreciate any advice you will give me, and eagerly look forward to hearing a reply from you guys.


P.S. Keep up the good work!!!

Since it is common nature for the penis to draw up closer to the body when it’s cold its better to measure the flaccid length after a warm-up.

As far as keeping it from hiding in the bushes there again it’s because of the temperature and unless you plan on wearing a heat pad for underwear there is not a lot you can do about it. It’s the nature of the beast to want to stay warm. :p

P.S You don’t measure the flaccid length while bone pressing.

The point of measuring is to record a change, so just be consistent. Flaccid is kind of tough because it is so variable, but like brisk said, not bone pressed.

There is a bone pressed flaccid stretched length, BPFSL, that you might want to track.

Thanks for your reply guys, its made me a bit more confident, hopefully a bigger dick will fill the ramaining gap!


I’d say measure it when it’s cold, nbp, and don’t forget to measure flaccid girth. I know it’s not very encouraging but this way (in time of course) you will be able to see if there is tissue mass added to the penis as a result of PE.

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