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Trouble jelqing from the base due to scrotum, suggestions?

Trouble jelqing from the base due to scrotum, suggestions?

The jelq is a pretty standard and overall easy motion. However, I can’t get a complete “OK” grip around the base of my penis because some of the tissue from my scrotum attaches slightly farther out along the shaft. It isn’t too far out, but it is enough that it causes an issue getting a full length jelq. If I catch the tissue in a jelq it would certainly hurt.

How should I adjust my jelqs? Should I start further from the base to get a full OK grip, or should I start from the base without using a full “OK” grip? Thanks.

Try forming your OK grip in front of the scrotum, keeping it loose, then pulling it back in towards your fat pad before tightening it. This should work unless you are very tightly cut. If you are tightly cut, you probably need to wet jelq with a slippery lube and concentrate the tightness of the OK grip on the sides of the shaft until you reach the end of the scrotum before tightening the grip around.

You know what you are trying to achieve (pushing blood up the penis) so just try different techniques and see which does this most efficiently for you while causing least problems. There has been much written on this in the various ‘turkey neck’ threads, so you could do a search on those too.

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