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Trouble clamping.

Trouble clamping.

Ok so I just got my cable clamps last Friday and I have been super pumped to clamp.. However when I clamp my dick doesn’t stay hard, the blood gets out somehow. I don’t know why this is happening. I get a full erection and then clamp all the way to the last click and it still doesn’t hold it in. I was told to get medium size clamps. My EG is 5”. If any of you could throw me some helpful information that would be great, thanks.

Your dick doesn’t stay hard or your blood goes out? It’s not the same thing.

After I get clamped, all the blood goes out.

But then it seems sometimes I get it on just right and it holds blood in.

Don’t tighten the clamp too abruptly?

Tighten it gradually and hold a big kegal each time you tighten it by one click.

Start Jan08 7.20 X 5.35 BP ----> NOW 9.75 X 6.50 BP

8.75NP 6.8BaseEG. The Krod Pics thread

I think most clampers have to work to maintain the erection. The point of clamping is to restrict outflow, not stop it entirely. Watch some porn or have someone naked in the room. :leftie:

I was experiencing the same thing when I first started clamping. I had the position of the clamp wrong. Make sure the clamp looks like () instead of the other way. This way keeps me fully engorged for much longer.

Yeah make sure you clamp it like () because some times that helps more and make sure you have some kind of wrap or cushion I used my sock lol and kegel during the clamping to engorge your penis with more blood and to maintain your erection.

I had the same problem you had when I started them but after a while I didn’t have a problem I think it just takes time to adjust to.
Good luck!

Thanks for all the help guys, I will give it another shot and let you fellas know how it goes.

I edge over and over during each 10-15min clamp session. This keeps me hard and each time my tool stretches out a little thicker.

You’ve got to use a wrap, which will invariably make the diameter of the part of your penis your clamping wider so it should hold it there more easily.

How long have you been PE’ing for? It seems to be the common opinion of most pros around here that you should have been jelqing for AT LEAST 6 months before attempting a clamp, as it is a dangerous and advanced technique.

If you haven’t been doing it for that long but insist on trying it anyway, please be VERY careful and work your way up from a very small amount of time to a larger amount (no longer than 10 minutes)

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