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Trouble avoiding erection

Trouble avoiding erection

Maybe it’s only me, but I am having a tough time lubing up my unit and stroking it and not becoming erect. This makes jelqing very difficult because I can only do about 25-30 reps before becoming too hard to safely continue. I have tried masturbating earlier in the day with little success. Maybe I will try masturbating right before my routine. FYI I use aloe vera for lube and I usually do it in the shower. Any tips on staying only partially erect?

One other quick question-Does jelqing with a more erect penis (say 70-80%) focus more on girth? Or does it not matter how erect you are?

Thanks to all

PE was always my favorite subject

You should be fine with 70-80% if your EQ is good. Make sure that is still up. I don’t think there is any problem with 25-30 rep sets. I do sets of 20 basically now. It has been getting easier for me to do these sets before the erection level gets too high.

I’m the same way. It makes the session very time consuming.

Your penis basically thinks it is time for play and not work. Happens to most of us when we first start PE. Eventually you will adjust and it will no longer be a problem. When it gets too hard, just let it subside and continue from there. Yes higher erection jelqing focuses on girth but it is not recommended if you are just starting out.

I always start with a pretty firm 90%+ erection but once the Jelqing starts I go to 40-70% for the duration with occasional bouts of 90% again. I just Jelq through them though.

My name is sarcastic.

Careful, I jelqed through the erections and ended up with a dick that looked like it had the chicken pox. Watch out for injuries

PE was always my favorite subject

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