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Trojan Extended Pleasures


So when do you put it on? How do you do it without her seeing?

I don’t have any gels available, and as noted extended pleasure condoms kill my erection. On a good note though the agent in the condom is located at the tip of the condom (inside). You can always get some on your fingers and rub it on your glans before you put a normal condom on.

Just a thought if you don’t want to run around with a canister.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Normally I just put it on in front of a girl. They really don’t say anything. If they do just say “it heights sensation”

And you can apply it pretty fast. The second before you reach for your condom, just take it out and squeeze a SMALL bit on your finger tips and rub onto your dick. And then Apply a condom.

And it’s fairly small. It’s in a tittle tube like neosporin.

3/4 of the time, girls don’t even know.

Originally Posted by djrazr
Is there anything close? Just trying to extend my time. You know the girth on the pleasures?

Wish I had this problem.

I’m beginning to think how to reduce it, instead. Frustrating…

The condoms that claim you will last longer just have numbing chemical agents, which you can find in alot of off the shelf products. Your other bet is to use a thicker condom, and if you are uncut, roll the condom on with some of your foreskin on the glans. Good Luck.

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Yea, trojan extended pleasure = no feeling for hours.

You can’t feel anything. It’s terrible.


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