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Tried it - had pain

Tried it - had pain

Hi there, OK I,ve kicked off the Jelqing, just starting gradual about 30 jelqs but I ended up with pains in the tube in my dick for a couple of days later, is this the urethra I don’t know but any suggestions or guidance guys?

Pain is not good! If you had pain while jelqing, you were jelqing too hard. It will take a few weeks to get your dick used to the jelq, take it very slowly and read about the various techniques that others use.

Also, could you describe in more detail which “tube” you are referring to. Is it on the bottom side of your dick or somplace else? Describe the pain, was it a sharp stinging pain, or a dull aching pain?


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you know the tube you pee out of inside your dick and yes it was kind of sharp like a urine infection or the pain you get when you haven’t drunk enough

the only pain I’ve ever felt was near the base where the veins are the biggest and just about an inch over the penis, in the pubic hair area. It was like someone stuck a needle in. I started doing more stretches and squeezes. I’m also pretty new here but having good effort. I try to jelq really soft, well just hard enough to send the blood through the penis.
Try doing wet jelqs and dry jelqs. I found out that on some days wet ones will be better on others dry jelqs are better.
I mainly do different variations of kegels, which gave me the best effort.

the more you practice the easier and more comfortable it gets.
It’s better to start slow, to get used to the preassure.
Don’t overdo it, it might damage the tissue too much to recover.

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Sounds like he’s being irritated by the lubricant. Too much contact with soap gives me exactly the same symptoms.

Besides I usually leave some space for the CS (the corpora holding among other things the nerves and urethra).. leave some space while jelqing.
Simply bend your fingers at the CS to leave some space and everything will be alright.

First of all, let it heal fully.
If there’s pain you did it wrong.
If you lose morning wood or erection quality you did it wrong.


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I think I know what pain you are feeling. That description seems to be identical to how a pissing can feel after masturbating directly after a hard core jelq or clamp session. Did you happen to masturbate after your jelq session?

Well what was missing in the upper post by me was:
“Sounds like you damaged the nerves that run alongside the urethra within the CS.”

All in all: Be careful about the nerves running in your penis.. What good is a big dick if you can’t feel a thing :P

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