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Treatment for discoloration (removal of hemosiderin)

Treatment for discoloration (removal of hemosiderin)

Hi guys,
I had a very bad discoloration from doing horse440(girth exercise) and I decided to go a doctor to get professional help. The gel he prescribed to me I`m going to disclose it in here. It`s very effective and the discoloration is almost completely gone.

The recipe is this:

liposomal tretinoin —- 0,05%
kojic acid dipalmitate —- 5%
traxenamic acid —- 2%
tioglycolic acid —- 4%
alphabisabolol —- 1%
hydroquinone —- 8%
gel - 30 grams

How to use it:

1st day - apply it and let there for 4 hours. Remove it with water and soap.
2nd day - apply it and let there for 4 hours. Remove it with water and soap.
3rd day - apply it and let there for 4 hours. Remove it with water and soap.
4th day - do nothing.
In the 5th day, the peeling should become apparent.

Take 10-15 days off to recover your skin. Then start the procedure again if you feel you need to peel more.


Every component of the recipe is an acid, but the only acid that will promote the peeling is liposomal tretinoin. I know it looks little (0,05%) and I didn`t believe it would work, but this guy is VERY STRONG. So do it safely. The other acids should react with hemosiderin, accelerating the process. If in the 5th day, if the peel does not start, raise the time you let the gel in your skin (5 hours, for instance).
The results are very fast. As I said I had a very bad discoloration and removed most of it in the first application.

You should not feel any discomfort during the gel application. If you do, WASH IT RIGHT AWAY and STOP THE TREATMENT for a few days.

Hope it helps you guys.
Remember do it safely!

OK, hang on a second, I NEED to know how the conversation with your doctor went! :) Pretty please. With a cherry on top.

Knowing the ingredients is interesting, but. not very useful. A generic or trade name for the gel would be useful! Thanks.

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8% hydroquinone is pretty strong !

Anyone considering this should read up on that particular ingredient first.

I was very straight with my doctor. I said I had done PE and some discoloration, which I thought it was hemosiderin, appeared as result. He was very professional, nothing weird happened ☺

I don`t know how it works in other places, but in Brazil we send the prescription to a pharmacy and they make it for us, so I don`t know what gel would be good to use. Sorry.

As I said before, the formula is very strong, so care is needed when using it. I was almost scared how strong it was, after it began to peel. My recommendation would be to use it only if your discoloration is upsetting you, which was my case.

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