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Trapped in a terrible cycle


Trapped in a terrible cycle

I’m in a bad place right now guys and I’m hoping you can help me out. I am trapped in a cycle of injuries and poor EQ and I don’t know how to get out. To put it simply, I am very prone to injury. About a month ago I decided that I would give PE another go after recovering for about 2 months. I believed that I had waited until I was fully healed. Erections came easily, I was constantly horny, and my full and spongy flaccid had returned. So I decided I would start back with the linear newbie routine just to ensure that I didn’t get injured again. I warmed up with my IR heat lamp, like I always do, and I performed only 5 jelqs, with very light force at about a 30% erection level, just to be on the safe side. I didn’t perform any stretching or any other exercises at this time and within 2 days my dick was basically broken again.

So now I’m desperate. My girlfriend is beginning to think that I’m no longer attracted to her because of my constant struggle to keep it hard. I’m 28 years old, very active, and I eat well.

Its a catch 22. I have terrible EQ right now because I’m not doing PE, but if I do PE I run the risk of injury which leads right back to poor EQ. Screw gains at this point, I just want my cock back. So my question is where do I go from here? Do I try to start PE again because it promotes a healthier dick and boosts EQ, or wait around with a dick that wont work because I might not be fully healed. Believe me it is beyond frustrating. I welcome all advice, thanks.

You may have an injury that only 2 months off simply couldn’t heal.

Or your jelqing technique is completely out of whack.

If you injured yourself, again, from doing 5 jelqs, then something is not right. I know this is probably not the advice you want to hear, but I’d strongly consider going to see a doctor. I’m not really sure how you’re going to go about explaining the jelqing, but it might be best to be completely honest.

Did you have these “issues” before you EVER did any PE exercises?

I think I would just stick to Kegels and edging for three months and try again as lightly as possible.

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Pumping at 5 minute intervals throughout the day with very low pressure has worked for me in regaining function of my dick (after injury).

What happened the first time that caused the initial injury?

Originally Posted by bill6275
I didn’t perform any stretching or any other exercises at this time and within 2 days my dick was basically broken again.

Maybe I missed it, but what do you mean when you say that within two days your dick was broken?

Are you saying that you had bruises or vein leakage or thrombosis or what?

Are you saying that two days after your 5 jelqs, you couldn’t get an erection, or a decent erection? Why would there be a two day delay between jelqing and the injury showing up?

If your injury was bruising and red spots on your glans, I might be able to help, but I need to know more.

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Kegels, lots of warmth. Eat well, exercise your body sensibly. No smoking or harmful excess. Don’t worry about this PE business because your statistics say you have a decent sized penis. That would be my advice. But then again I do not know exactly what is wrong with your penis, and that advice is firmly in the “Do no further harm” category. Probably it’s enough to sort you out.

As the above ask, what is the problem exactly? What was the initial problem? Is the new problem a continuation of it? Have you sought advice about it?

Come back here and do the lightest routine possible only when you are 100% sure you can do it.

Good luck dude.:)

Thanks for all of the input everyone. Let me answer some of your questions. My first injury occurred over a year ago. It was a common noob mistake, I over trained by jelqing with an erection level that was too high. When I say that my dick was broken I simply mean that I could not achieve any kind of an erection. I’ve never had bruising, red spots, or leakage. My main symptom that I encounter is a small, turtled, firm flaccid penis, that will not get get an erection no matter what I try. My girlfriend and I have a very active sex life and are usually together 5-6 times a week. So you can imagine how frustrating and awkward it can be when my dick quits working. She doesn’t know that I PE, so she gets quite confused when one week my dick works fine and the next week it doesn’t.

I have decided that my penis does not respond well to stretching which sucks because I was trying to focus on length. So at this time my entire PE routine revolves around jelqing. I have recently been jelqing with very low erection levels, very light grip, and very low reps.

I am pleased to say that tonight I was able to achieve and maintain about an 80% erection so my girlfriend was pleased.

Firm flaccid… What about glans and CS expansion during when you CAN get an erection?

If you have those symptoms too, read here: Deflated Glans/Firm Flaccid/V. Hard Shaft Possible Venous Leakage

The best short term fix for this problem is to take a herbal suppliment like Tribulus or Horny Goat Weed, though there are many others that are also effective. Also, you may wish to try using a cock ring for sex, many people with the firm flacid have reported a cock ring to be useful in normalising their erections.

As for PE, you may wish to try some light pumping, that should promote your EQ and is unlikely to exacerbate your symptoms. Also the suggestions of regular kegels and edging are a good idea.

As for other PE techniques, it may be possible that its just not in the cards for you, which would be very sad indeed, but keep reading and learning and maintaining a positive attitude I’m sure you can overcome your difficulties.

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In my opinion you should stop PE completely until you get healed. If PE caused your problem, then you should avoid it for a while and restart with extreme caution.

I don’t quite understand:
“I have terrible EQ right now because I’m not doing PE.”

What should that mean? At your age you have good EQ only when you do PE? If yes, you should see a doctor…

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@cervexhunter “I don’t quite understand:
“I have terrible EQ right now because I’m not doing PE.”

I was referring to the fact that I’m unable to take advantage of the great EQ that PE generally offers.

So is it pretty widely accepted that edging is good/healthy for your dick? Ive read a lot of things on this forum that say that masturbation is bad. Curious…

Maybe you are stretching too hard or you are over working your cock too much even if you think you arent. It’s hard to gauge this sometimes. It took me a while to find my own method. You can’t totally believe the whole newbie method will work for you, everyones cock is different. Basically for me I jelq and then wait a day to see how my EQ is. I wait until it heals up and a few days later my cock is stronger if not more harder than it was previously. It’s all about rest rather than the jelqing (kinda like weightlifting)

I’m not stretching at all.

You said you took off 2 months and thought you were healed because you had great EQ and was constantly horny? I would just lay off the PE then. Its not worth ruining things with your girlfriend.

I would say that 5 light jelqs doesn’t seem capable of causing injury. Sometimes I think EQ is psychological so if you injured yourself from PE in the past then your brain may cause your dick to shrivel from any PE just from fear of injury. Like post traumatic stress disorder. You were attacked by a pitbull in the past and now the sight of a poodle makes your heart race and your palms sweaty.


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