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Trapped in a terrible cycle


That makes sense e211. I’ve decided to lay off the PE and not start up again until I’m fully healed. Also many people have recommended that I start edging so I thought I might give it a try. Has anyone edged while using an IR heat lamp? Think this a good idea? Bad idea?

Originally Posted by moosh
Maybe you are stretching too hard or you are over working your cock too much even if you think you arent. It’s hard to gauge this sometimes. It took me a while to find my own method. You can’t totally believe the whole newbie method will work for you, everyones cock is different. Basically for me I jelq and then wait a day to see how my EQ is. I wait until it heals up and a few days later my cock is stronger if not more harder than it was previously. It’s all about rest rather than the jelqing (kinda like weightlifting)

Same here, I can’t exercise two days in a row, it plummets my EQ. For me, every other day may be pushing it. I know some do PE five days straight, my dick wouldn’t get hard on the 6th if I did.

You may just have a sensitive dick. Mine tells me I do.

Good luck, and keep us posted Bro.

Thanks for the encouraging words RedJr. I definitely will.


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