Traction wrap question

Hello all, I finally decided to make an account here due to growing interest in PE.

As of now I am doing a beginner routine, I am starting to feel like I am grasping the concept of how things are supposed to feel during the exercises.

What I am not a fan of though is tattling after. After some research I have found that traction wrapping is a good (safe) method of preventing turtling and helping cement gains. I bought some adhesive bandages last week and tested it out, making sure to have it comfortable when wrapped. Everything seemed comfortable and I had looked at it 20 minutes later to make sure everything was looking normal. I was able to urinate without issue and felt no discomfort whatsoever.

Just before I was going to go to bed (a few hours later) I went to take it off as I don’t feel comfortable leaving it on when I sleep. The end of my glans where the urethra opens was slightly swollen, with very minor discoloration. I had looked this up with no luck on the specific problem. Again there was no discomfort whatsoever, it felt exactly how I read it was supposed to. My question is, is this alright and if not, does anyone have any suggestions? I have tried it since a few times with loosening and different placements but no luck and it is getting to the point where I can’t loosen it much more.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.