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Traction Extender and Girth Issues

Traction Extender and Girth Issues

I’m new to these forums but have been doing a newbie jelqing routine for the last 2 months and decided to give a Traction extender a try. I bought one off ebay I think the brand is Pro Extender and plan to put it to use starting tomorrow. I am currently 6.5” BPEL and 6.5” mid shaft erect girth. When I put it on I noticed that it fit very snuggly around the base of my shaft and I was fully flacid. It felt like if I got even 50% hard that it would feel like a cock ring that is way too tight. Is there anyone that has my size girth or bigger that used one and can give me assurance that it won’t pop like a balloon if I get an errection?

Why didn’t you get a model that comes with a base for larger girths? I think at 6.5 you’re definitely pushing the limits for most normal sized PE equipment. I believe most extender brands offer an option/package that includes a separate base to accommodate extremely large girths, I know the X4 does.

I wouldn’t use the one you bought if you have concerns and I would instead get equipment that’s sized appropriately.

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Sorry to bump this, but didn’t feel it was necessary to make a new thread.

I have a VacExtender 4, but have gotten too girthy for the base. My flaccid girth is around 6”in and creates problems with the opening.

I’ve checked out the above, the SizeGenetics/x4 bigger girth base but for one its overpriced at like $60-80 but I’m also not sure its compatible with the VacExtender. I like the Vac head and don’t want to stretch to another type of system. I know a lot of these parts are interchangeable and are basically the same device except for the connection method. I’ve considered trying to trim down my base, but wanted to look at other options or see if anyone knew about compatibility before risking its destruction. I’ve also contacted the VacExtender guy and while he’s working on a base that accommodates larger girth, it isn’t near finished and is sort of a different thing.

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