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Traction devices: Where did you grip it at?

Traction devices: Where did you grip it at?

I used to use a traction device but quit after about a year of use. When I used I always strapped to the shaft of the penis below the circumcison scar. I have started to use it again and I’m wondering if any one straps it to the head of the penis instead. Which is better? I’m thinking that when you strap it to the head it is actually pulling the inside of the penis out. But straping it to the shaft actually stretched the ligaments and skin more. Do you understand what I’m trying to say? Anyways what is the proper way for best gains? Thanks

Does anyone use a traction extender???

I think I know what you are talking about. You are using different terminology. You seem to be asking about the difference between a “loop” style and “comfort strap” style extender.

I am no extender expert. I have used one but it was too uncomfortable for me. I was probably impatient and put too much stress too soon.

I think that the comfort strap style was more comfortable given the same amount of stress. I did have to put a velcro strap around the comfort strap head piece in order to prevent it from slipping. I determined that I had about 2 lbs of tension on the shaft.


I use an extender and before I added the VacExtender mod kit, I always strapped about 1/2 inch below the glans. From what I have read, this is the most commonly used place to strap down. The x4 labs’ quad support system uses both locations.

How did it workk when you strapped below the circ scar? Pain or slippage?

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