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Traction device advice

Traction device advice

Hi, I’m new to this and want to use a traction device that I can wear all day. Does anyone a) have any experience with traction devices? B) know what I can expect to gain length-wise? C) what kind to buy/build? D) how long I should keep it on?

I know nothing about this so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

PS. Any other advice that I could get outside of the questions I posted would also be great?

Those traction devices are pretty expensive. Try a search on ADS(all day stretch). There are pleanty of instructions for home made stretchers. That way you’ll spend around $10 instead of $100. I’m still doing the newbie routine. I’ll see how far I can go with that before I move on. I’m not sure how the plateauing works but I’ll just take it one step at a time instead of the shotgun troubleshooting.

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I would get the static stretcher device the whole package gives you every option from traction wrap to medium static stretch to there new heavy device that replace hanging.

It works great for cut guys. If your uncut I would get the PE device from auto extender it works well for both cut and uncut.

All of auto extender products are of high quality as are the static stretcher device. The on difference between the 2 are that the static stretchers have a learning curve for getting them on but work great once you get the hang of it. It becomes really easy.

The other thing is that the static stretchers come with compression springs to simulate tractive force auto extender product do not. The medium comes with 3 types of springs 1.5 lbs 4 lbs and 6 lbs. The heavy has them all plus 10 lbs just got the heavy and love the thing replaced hanging with the grip device, no longer have to sit up to hang weight can sit or lie in bed watch tv while I hang or tractive hang I guess. Plus you can work different angles it comes with locking pins so you can hang up straight out or down in 22 degree increment’s.

There are lots of guys that make there own devices to save money but I just feel it easier to just buy a good product from one of these to different sites. No fuss no muss.

Never get noose or strap devices thy never stay on and are the most uncomfortable of all. Check out the review section on traction devices I and others give reasons why this is. Hope it helps this is the second time I posted on this thread but the first one never showed up not sure why.

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About paul’s extender . What do you wrap your penis with and how do you attach it to the device ? How long do you leave it on ?

One other ? How can I post an avatar ?

You don’t wrap with the Paul’. The device was attached, loose style, than he used a vac-cap. So, the final version should be a vac-cap extender.

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