TP Cherry Popped

Hey Guys,

So I’ve been lurking here for about four months and have learned a ton from everyone. I just want to extend thanks to those of you that have put so much work into helping newbies like myself learn the ropes.

I really started PE with an inquisitorial posture. It wasn’t born out of a lack of self confidence or overwhelming desire to have a huge soldier. I’m happily married with two young daughters and another on the way. Sex has always been awesome and both my wife and I were virgins till we got married.

So I started PE’ing because I was curious and to my surprise started to see gains. Needless to say: I was shocked and stoked! So I kept doing it by incorporating the Newbie Routine.

Starting stats April 2011:
NBPEL: 4.67”
EG: 4”
NBPFL: 3.2”

As of today:
NBPEL: 5.28”
EG: 4.27”

Most of my gains have literally come in the last month as I’ve been doing V-Stretches to put more pressure on my Tunica which I think is my limiting factor.

I’ve made myself a Wench for when my gains stop with the Newbie Routine and I use an X4 Labs Extender 2-3x/week for 2-3hrs. I also have been doing Fowfers for an hour after each session. I recently purchased an Auto Xleeve to wear after each session for a few hours.

So I went from skeptic to believer and I’m having a blast with it! Thanks again for the wealth of knowledge and for the dudes that did it wrong so we could do it right!