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ToxiqIce's "More is More" hybrid routine for girth, length and flaccid hang

ToxiqIce's "More is More" hybrid routine for girth, length and flaccid hang

I recently found out Im a more is more type. That explains why the newbie routine felt like it did nothing. but anyways I passed my 2 month mark and decided to make a more advanced routine. I basically sat down yesterday and just went with the flow and did what my head was telling me to do. (both of them) I want to get a half inch of length to make myself 8 inches long. But mostly I want as much girth as possible. and I want to have a nice meaty flaccid.

with this in mind I wanted a hybrid routine mostly focused on girth but enough focus on length to get gains in that area to. I also want to get my dick well conditioned for clamping as I will be clamping down the road.

So this is what a came up with yesterday. it may seem a tad much for someone with only 2 months but trust me. I can read my penis well and I got nothing but positive signs from this.

However this will definitely not work for all newbies. this is a more is more type routine. but scale it down and it could work for less is more as well.

10 Minute IR warm up. with hot wrap and the end for moist heat

1 set of complete stretches.

2 60 sec V-stretches

3 45 sec downward lig stretches

10 min set of medium/low pressure water pumping.

5 Minutes of jelqing

10 min set of medium pressure water pumping.

5 Minutes of jelqing.

10 min shower warm down.

2 Hours of traction wrapping.

and then a decent kegal routine.


Warm up.

My warm up consists of massaging my dick up IR light. IR light penetrates deep and heats up most of your penis. Then a warm water wrap adds moist heat to that and makes your penis more pliable and loose. Some think moist heat is key. By combining both methods this is a complete warm up.

complete stretches.

These are simply stretching every direction for 30 secs. meaning down, side to side. straight out, side to side. Up, side to side.
This ensures all my ligs and every part of my penis is at least moderately stretched out.


v-stretches focus on the tunica and septum. I feel that my septum is a limiting factor so these are an attempt to break it down and lengthen the sucker.

Lig stretches

stretching straight down. I get a good pull on my ligs and that can lead to some easy length by pulling more of the hidden penis out.

water pumping.

water pumping to me is key. here is why. Gains in any form take a long ass time. enough time that me as well as many others will lose inspiration when we dont see results. However when I get out of a pump my dick is huge. I know this is only a temporary gain but it keeps me inspired. Plus pumping feels great. and it should. if it is not comfortable you are over pumping. and this is bad. By pumping on a tight routine I hope to get good girth gains over time. the 2 steps of pressure is starting out your first set on a lower pressure and your 2nd set then moving up to a higher pressure level. This does 2 things. 1 it allows your penis some time to get expanded before you do your medium pressure pump. And 2, pumping at different levels has different effects on how it expands your penis. By doing a 2 stage pump you are getting both. The pumping in this routine is not just for gains it is also for conditioning yourself to be able to clamp. My plan is to clamp after doing this routine for 3 months.


Water pumping in itself does not offer much for permanent gains without jelqing. jelqing as soon as I get out of the pump forces blood into the newly expanded penis. keeping it expanded longer and in a more useful way. I feel that pumping and jelqing together is a perfect combination. Plus when you get out of the pump your penis is the perfect erection level for jelqing.

warm down.

This is common knowledge. by Using the shower as a warm down I save time and I love showers (who doesn’t) So it is a very enjoyable way to Finish the routine.

Traction wrap.

By wrapping my dick I get it to heal in an extended state. Plus it keeps it from turteling. Big girtha has proven this is great for your flaccid hang.

Current size. Nbpel 7.00 Bpel 7.7 Eg 5.3 Fl 5.1

Originally Posted by ToxiqIce
Traction wrap.

By wrapping my dick I get it to heal in an extended state. Plus it keeps it from turteling. Big girtha has proven this is great for your flaccid hang.

Big Girtha may have demonstrated this to Big Girtha’s satisfaction. I don’t think that it has reached the level of universal truth yet.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

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