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Totally positive PI's but still getting overtrained. Possible?

Totally positive PI's but still getting overtrained. Possible?

Assume that one goes for a routine which includes pumping, hanging, horse440’s and stuff and his PI’s are all positive. That dude could still get over trained?

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Write down your routine and PI’s and we probably will be able to tell what your doing wrong.



-Newbie routine (20 mins stretching and 15 mins wet jelqing).


-2 sets of 15 mins hanging with 6 pounds

-3 sets of 10 mins pumping

-Some varied girth exercises (Horse, Uli, semi erect bendings, etc)

My PI’s are totally positive (even more positive than the period I was following newbie routine for 4 months - gained about 1.3” that way) but I am curious if over training could be possible still even though the PI’s are perfect.

If there are only positive PI’s you shouldn’t worry about overtraining, I think I misunderstood your question: I thought you felt overtrained but did only get positive PI’s, but you were asking if it were possible to overtrain without seeing any negative PI’s. As I wrote, no, you shouldn’t worry.

If not overconditioning isn’t a problem, but that one I’ll leave to someone else to speculate about.

So that means:

You CAN’T be getting positive PI’s if you are overtraining. In that sense, there is nothing wrong with pushing as hard as hard you can unless the negative PI’s do NOT start occuring. When there is overtraining, negative PI’s will tell you about it for sure.

Is that right?

Partly right. You can get both positive and negative PI’s at the same time and it can mean anything, it depends on the situation. But yeah, no negative PI’s = no need to worry about injury. Of course you have to be reasonably harsh on your dick, if you’re pushing it to hard you could get an injury on the spot - the PI’s don’t always come afterwards as a warning.

Yes I agree that injury is a risk at that point. However I am more worried about no gains due to overtraining. :)

So I am looking for a way to know if I am over training or not. My PI’s don’t say I am over training but looking at the stuff I am doing, I am most likely over training. PE is sometimes more confusing than rocket science. :)

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