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Totally bummed out

Totally bummed out

Recently i took a sperm and hormone tests, when i went for my results the doctor told me i have a very low sperm count and my testosterone levels were also low. So he sent me to take a slew of tests, blood work, more semen samples, a sonogram on my testicles, and so forth. I got my results on Friday and the urologist told me i have NO sperm whatsoever! Furthermore my test levels came back just as low as before and now my estrogen levels high. So now i have to go see a endocrinologist to put me on some sort of protocol for my low test and high estrogen, hopefully my balls can produce sperm again.

I knew something was wrong because i have been feeling tired and run down, my zest for life is practically gone, and my abundant sexual appetite has diminished quit abruptly, heck i look at woman now and nothing, no desire. This has got me so bummed that i haven’t PE since then. I feel like whats the point, especially since my gains for what ever reason seem to diminish. example i started to hang in November with 4 pounds i measured my self after 5 weeks and i gained a 1/4” in erect length and erect girth! I was ecstatic then something didn’t feel right all of a sudden i started to feel this emptiness around my pelvic area, my erections didn’t seem right so i looked down and it looked smaller so i measured, i lost the gains i made both in length and girth. I understand it was not a cemented gain however i still feel bummed out.

It’s all that damn estrogen and low test i know it is dammit!

Hey buddy, first up, don’t worry about all this — that’s the worst thing you can do. These problem can happen to any of us at any time in our lives. It’s just that until it happens, we feel it will never happen to us and life will go on wonderfully for ever. Be thankful that you have discovered all this and are able to do something about it, eh?

If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you? If you are over about 35 or 40, have a look at…d=94&Itemid=143. That is about HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for older guys. If you’re younger than that, find out why you have the problem (is it stress, low luteinising hormone levels, what?). It could be simply that your balls have shut down — something that happens to us all eventually.

If your balls have shut down, try “natural” methods to get them going first, especially, if you are in the younger age bracket. Varous herbs are reasonably OK for this as is hCG. hCG basically does the same for you as luteinising hormone. [Luteinising hormone is the one that tells your balls to do their stuff — it’s high when your testosterone levels are low and vice versa]. I take hCG — 1,500 iu every three days. Don’t rush this.

Only when you cannot solve the problem without using testosterone directly, should you go onto testosterone supplimentation. There are many ways to take it, I use a gel. My only advicde here is to not take it orally and make sure you use a bioidentical form (identical to human testosterone). Plesae don’t take the stuff many guys get at their local gym.

As for oestrogen, men make more of it as they age — usually by converting the little bit of testosterone we’ve got. In fact, many men in their 60s make more of it than their wives. However, it is easily solved with Arimidex (anastrozone). I take half a tablet (0.5 mg) each Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Because of these higher oestrogen levels, some are suggesting it is a major cause of Prostate Cancer in older men. It certainly causes breast cancer in both men and women.

Thanks for the support Rick, i really appreciate it. You are right quitting is not an option! I read the link you posted and i like the information on it, i have almost all the symptoms of low test. While i wait for my appointment i will be doing research so i can be as informed as possible.

Now to belt out a few sets of hanging.

Just one other thing, brother, if your doctor asks for more blood tests, make sure he includes Total Testosterone and Free Testosterone. Most doctors only do the former because they don’t understand it all, whereas its the latter that is critical. Also, don’t let him fob you off if you happen to be within the normal range for men, but at the bottom of it. If you can, you need to get to the middle or above the “normal” range. My doctor is happy to have me somewhat above it, but monitors me VERY closely with 3-month blood tests. The complete listing of tests that I have are:

Full blood test, plus:


Total Testosterone
Free Testosterone
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin
Free Androgen Index

TSH (Thyroid Function Test)

I’m not sure why some of these are there, but my doctor tests for them all the same. As part of the full blood test, he checks out my creatine, too. Creatine, magnesium and zinc are tested because I also take them orally.

Please, ask any questions you like. I’m very happy to share.

By the way i’m 44, thanks for the list. Do you have the numbers that correspond to the labs and the amount a healthy man would have in his system? Also thanks for the link it was informative, i also went on a Bodybuilding web site and found a huge amount of information, however it’s going to take me time to read through it all. Heck i figured if anyone should know most about this it would be the bodybuilding community. Again thanks for the look out.

I have an Excel spreadsheet with all my tests on it, lab results and reasonable ranges. The ranges, however, are in SI units not US and you’ll have to do some conversions. I have the conversion factors as well. How do I get an Excel spreadsheet to you? I’m sure I can, but don’t know how to do it.

I think you can attach it in a PM. By the way what type of results did you get from the therapy?

How did your testicles sonogram go? Was everything normal? In my case, I also had low sperm count (140 mil sperms although above normal range, dr. said it was on the low side) and my doctor found out that I have varicocele on both testicles. He said I have to have it removed. Maybe it has something to do with it also in your case.

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