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Torqued jelqs--a new twist?

Torqued jelqs--a new twist?

Has anyone out there done this with measured success? Here it is:

involves dry jelqing

best for the uncut

just under the glans, partial retraction, twist penis about 120 to 130 deg.

overhand grip, rotate wrist in unwinding motion while pushing down towards base with slackened grip

at base, re-rotate to establish the original torque

with tightened grip, move overhand grip up the shaft to a slow 3 count

when foreskin starts over the glans, stop.

Fifty (25 torqued clockwise, 25 counterclockwise) is plenty. (lots of wrist action)

This would not be a newbie exercise

I was drawn to the idea as a tunica alb. exercise when reading a criticism of a cold war Russian PE analysis by Nuemann of the non-linear but vector-neutral architecture of the tunica alb..

By torqueing the penis, the effect is to create ridges and valleys on the diagonal so that as grip passes over them, the stresses become “diagonal” and not merely shaft directional.

The adage “nothing new under the sun” generally applies to PE so I do not claim uniqueness here. On the other hand, I have not seen this described before! Your comments are certainly welcome.

For myself, after warmdown, I have experienced a slight, pleasant soreness that I have not had with regular jelqing.


Hello !

I don’t think it is a new idea. It seems to be a bundle stretch ; no ?


I don’t know “bundled stretches” but would think that they pull from a stationary point on the shaft. These jelqs would benefit from the diagonal deformation as outlined in the thread. I will report back if I find good girth results or bad EQ from them. I plan doing them for a month or so.

Originally Posted by Graal

Hello !

I don’t think it is a new idea. It seems to be a bundle stretch ; no ?

That’s what first came to mind when I first read it, but it is more than just a stretch.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I probably misunderstood the description. This is due to my very basic English :) .

That said, if it’s really a new idea, it interests me.

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