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Today when I was browings through the site, I asked myself is there any point where you would be completely comfortable stopping P.E? I know it’s hard to say because we always get to one place only to find out we want more, but I really think that a mentally healthy person should only need so much. For me I decided that If I could be in the top 20% of penises that an average girl has come accross, I would and and should be completely content with aspect of my life. This brings me to my question how large is a penis that is in that 20%? I am looking for answers that give a longer version, and a thicker version, for example- is a 7X5 in there, how about a 6X5.5 (both NBP). I know we could calculate the volume, but I am saying more at first glance assuming all of the bodies types are the same.

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The numbers tend to stop at around 7” they decline, 8” is likely in the top 8% of course this is a guess and from the various surveys I have read. After 5.2” girth the numbers decline a great deal to.

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