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Top Heavy

I found the other day after some dry jelquing that by the end the top end of the shaft and head were a lot thicker that the bottom half. Is there any way I can work of the lower half of the shaft for girth? With an ok grip at the base to keep pressure on most exercises I find I can’t work the very lowest portion of the shaft. I do jelqs down the shaft, but there is still that grip at the base, adn the same with horse squeezes.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


If stretching is a part of your routine you can expect that base girth will actually increase. In fact any form of traction, stretching or hanging should help.

From a squeeze point of view, I’ve used a grip through the scrotum for Horse440’s fairly effectively and tended toward performing horses this way. If you specifically want to work the base girth, start with a semi, create a grip through the scrotum and squeeze as far down the shaft as you can using an overhand complete hand grip, you can even force this grip a bit further down the shaft.

You can also explore behind the balls jelqing which is good from a point of view of penile health and will work girth, this can obviously be done dry and out of sequence with the rest of your routine as the tissue will tend to be warmed up a little by default.

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i guess this horse 440 could be a good thing, because you compress the glans

(or did i get it all wrong ?)

How do you get a good grip through the scrotum?

Yes you compress the glans with the Horse 440.

>How do you get a good grip through the scrotum?

Thumb and forefinger together to produce a V shape, bending the first joint on the forefinger backward, and pushing that grip up through the scrotum exerting pressure against the bone.

You really need 2-3 months PE before you start these kind of squeezes. Injury happens very easily early on.

One thing thats probably worth mentioning is that a baseball bat shape is encouraged by jelqing without a sufficiently strong erection, if the pressure on a jelq stroke increases radically as it approaches the glans then a better quality erection is needed or the grip is too hard.

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So when the erection is not sufficient jelqing is not as effective?

Its more effective the further the stroke gets toward the glans. Try a search on ‘baseball* effect’.

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